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Image analysis software

Object detection and tracking techniques

The accuracy is improved over conventional object detection techniques, and not only object detection but also area extraction is possible.

It also improves accuracy and processing speed by leveraging important information from objects for tracking.

Object Detection Technology


Object Tracking Technology


Vehicle number recognition solution using artificial intelligence technology

The recognition rate of the license plate was raised through image reprocessing, and the recognition rate of 99% was achieved through the shape matching algorithm when not recognized.

License plate recognition at entry/exit


Shape matching algorithm

Integrated enforcement of school zones and intersections to prevent right turns.

It is an integrated system that enables various types of crackdowns and classification of vehicles by applying artificial intelligence technology to one camera.

홈페이지삽화-300대지 23.png

Speed Control


Right turn control function


Illegal parking/stop control


Localization of integrated vehicle recognition technology to strengthen security in Latin America

Introduce integrated vehicle recognition technology solutions in Latin America areas with serious security problems to prevent theft and strengthen security.


Latin American license plate demo video

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