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Welcome and thank you for visiting us. From Saloris we are proud to present the development of an S / W image analysis platform with integrated camera. We are completing and progressing on various projects in South Korea. Our goal is to increase our work experience abroad, providing our knowledge and technological products for the field of safety and well-being in Latin America.

2019. 08

Established company  research institute


Venture Business Certification




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Venture Business Certification

Business certification of software development

Certification for new companies 

Patent Office Certificate


Image Analysis Software

Embedded camera production

Document Translation


Image Analysis Software

Object (car) detection technology

Object (car) tracking technology

Improved accuracy over existing object detection technology

In addition to object detection, area extraction is possible.

By tracking the important information of the object,

Accuracy and processing speed have been improved.


sky camera

Integrated S / W video analysis camera.

We develop the S / W image analysis required by the customer, internalize it and supply it to the built-in camera.

Recently, we have manufactured and supplied a Sky Camera that analyzes the clouds in the sky. The main function is the calculation of the sunstroke, by means of cloud detection and measurement of them.

Purpose of the Sky Camera:

Calculate solar radiation and is used 

to predict the generation of photovoltaic energy.

Components of the Sky Camera:


- GigE Hub

Remote power control (camera, PC power control)

Integrated computer (can be up to 70 degrees)

- External connector

Documentation traducion

Based on the experience of local life and execution of projects for Latin America, translating into Spanish is an essential factor for a successful business relationship. 

All documents including technical documents

and manual or instruction documents are conducted by native speakers.



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